The Care for Aging Sisters Association Kenya(CASAK) non-profit organization. The idea of establishing the about following an international study in Africa, North America and South America initiated by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation on Care for the Elderly and Infirmed Sisters. The Centre for Research in Religious Life and Apostolate (CERRA-Africa, 2021) conducted the research in Kenya and four other African countries. As a result, there was need for interventions to be carried out which in turn led to several religious congregations under the Association of the Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) coming together in an effort to address the needs of the older and sick sisters as highlighted in the findings of the care for the elderly and infirm sisters’ study.  In the year 2022, the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi took lead to solicited for partnership with interested congregations to form a network for the care for the elderly and infirm.

With the guidance and support of The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation the 22 pioneer Congregations met on the 1st March 2023 to officially start the network. In this meeting the members elected first board of governors and begun to draft the first constitution that delineated the identity and activities of the new Association, set up an office and appointed staff to spearhead the deliberations. The new Association would be independent in its operations from the Mother body, the Association of the Sisterhoods of Kenya(AOSK) who become the Sponsor.

To achieve its Mission Care for Aging Sisters Association Kenya will concentrate of the flowing objectives:

1. To improve access to health care services, mental health promotion, well-being, and nutrition of elderly sisters, the infirm, and other members.

  1. Introduce wellness programs to reduce cumulative effect of factors that increase risk of
  2. disease and potential dependencies in elderly sisters’
  3. Enhance access to proper food and Provide medication for different ailments affecting the elderly sisters
  4. Develop comprehensive mental health care
  5. Provide assistive devices for mobility and functioning among the
  6. Facilitate aged sisters in accessing medical insurance

2. To train more care providers and health professionals

  1. Identify the various categories of personnel to be trained for CASAK (medical, social, paraprofessionals)
  2. Identify training areas and institutions for the care personnel such as nursing care, geriatrics and palliative
  3. Allocate finances for the training needs and enroll personnel into training
  4. Provision of improved information and training for health professionals and paraprofessionals on needs of older persons (nursing care services, geriatrics, and palliative care)
  5. Form a Board of Directors with sisters who have experience in geriatric

3. To Improve on the housing and living environment for the elderly and infirm sisters.

  1. Provide funds for members to re-structure and re-furbish the houses and living places of the elderly and infirm to suit their
  2. Supervise, monitor, and evaluate the infrastructure improvement for the elderly and

4. Mobilize resources for the care activities of CASAK:

  1. Carry out fundraising activities to sustain the services of
  2. Mobilize non-financial resources for care
  3. Establish a fund for care of elderly sisters and the infirm (Pool resources to support services)

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In the profound words of Pope Francis, we are reminded that a society neglecting the elderly and the young jeopardizes its own future, for it disregards the precious well of wisdom and potential........



As the world faces the growing concern of caring for aging sisters, particularly those who have dedicated their lives to various ministries such as to education, health, social ministry, and pastoral care, just to mention a few, a pressing question emerges........


To be a comprehensive support Association for the care of elderly and infirm sisters and people of God

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