Gerontology Training Program (GTP)

Care for Aging Sisters Association Kenya  Gerontology Training program is an open program to all who are interested in supporting the elderly and infirm members of the society. CASAK trains care providers and health professionals.

The objective of the program is to equip care givers with knowledge, skills and attitudes.


1. Dynamics of elder care.
2. Health concerns
3. Practical approaches to elder care and active listening
4. Theology of suffering
5. Compassionate care
6. Collaboration and networking
7. Spirituality of aging
8. Practical approaches to elder care and active listening

Skills and attitudes

 1. How to understand the brain aging process?
2. How to promote Physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing
3. How to identify Geriatric issues
4. How to observe and critically assess a client
5. How to communicate and understand verbal and non-verbal communications
6. How to use the assessment tool?
7. How to safely move and handle clients
8. How to be compassionate and patient
9. How to manage stress
10. The legal and ethical issues related to aging

Wellness Program

Wellness program is a care giver support program. Its objective equip care givers in the care for the elderly and sick, with knowledge, skills and attitudes.

CASAK is committed to making elderly care more desirable and fulfilling.

To be a comprehensive support Association for the care of elderly and infirm sisters and people of God

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