You can become involved today towards supporting care for elderly and infirm Catholic nuns, who after long years of non pensionable services are unable to afford the essential of elderly care.

Your donation will bring relieve to many elderly and sick sisters and will help CASAK accomplish its mission to:

  1. Support the beneficiaries in the purchase of assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and cossets.

  2. To equip care facilities with proper beds, mattresses to alleviate sufferings

  3. Provide medical care including for purchase of drugs and medical bills.

  4. Facilitate good nutrition and provision for food supplements to the elderly and infirm members of the Beneficiaries.

Thank you! God bless all our benefactors

Remind us,

Oh Lord to give due honor to our elders, who have already contributed much
to our lives by the part they have played in our congregation, church and



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