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CASAK is a Healthy Aging Collaborative initiative of 22 religious women congregations founded in 2023 under the auspice of the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya and funded by Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. It responds to the immediate needs of the elderly and infirm sisters and equips care givers for this humble and noble service.

CASAK is duly registered in Kenya and certified and determined by NGO source to be equivalent to a U.S. public charity or government


A dynamic support Association for holistic care of the elderly and infirm Sisters and other people of God


To support member congregations to offer holistic care for the elderly and infirm


infrastructure improvement, training, resource mobilization, awareness creation, and advocacy.



Our Mandate

  1. To provide holistic care for the elderly and infirm members through infrastructure development.

  2. To train caregivers, awareness creation, and compassionate quality care and advocacy.

  3. To monitor the formation and performance of the infirmary facilities to ensure compliance with quality standards and the law.

  4. To sensitize member congregations on care giving and nursing the aging Sisters.

  5. To Mobilize resources for the Association’s activities.



Loving care

At CASAK, care is an anchor concept. Care is rooted in our deep compassion and empathy for the elderly and infirm. CASAK strives to provide a caring and nurturing environment where sisters and other clients feel valued, supported, and loved. CASAK believes that every person deserves the best possible care.

Team work and Commitment

Teamwork and commitment elements are dear to CASAK. We are motivated by love to provide high-quality care and services to members, in the burning desire to come together to collaborate, communicate, share resources and cooperate.


Compassion for the sick is central to CASAK. Compassion brings healing to the suffering.


CASAK believes that every person deserves to be treated with dignity, regardless of their condition, age an and infirmity.


Ethical behavior when caring for the sick is central to CASAK. This includes honesty, transparency, and accountability in all of our interactions


Networking and building strategic partnership is CASAK's culture. We are a network of congregations and a partnership.


To be a comprehensive support Association for the care of elderly and infirm sisters and people of God

Get In Touch

P.O BOX. 21068-00505

Cardinal Otunga Complex

Fifth Floor Nairobi-Kenya


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